Boy Lost his Masters 17 Million Naira to betting company in Lagos.

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Tragedy in the heart of a man in Alaba market, Lagos Nigeria as he finds out that his apprentice has lost his ₦17,000,000 to punter companies.

The culprit well known in the market for large spendings has reportedly been spending more cash on playing online bet games and casinos.

He is in charge of his masters warehouse in the market and controls the input and out flow of goods to customers. His master is so successful that he cannot keep track of every item in his shop and warehouse.

The culprit used this opportunity to sell out items to customers he has acquired on his own and not via his masters business. When he made sales, he kept the cash in his own bank account and not the companies account. 

He said he started playing online bet to luckily hit the jackpot of hundereds of millions and quit being an apprentice. Unluckily for him, he lost, And he repeated the criminal act and made more unaccounted sales and tried to win big in Betting, and his losing streak continued till 17 million when goods disappearance has started getting noticeable.

He was well beaten and placed under police custody yesterday, 4th march 2019 as he was interrogated,  he eventually started confessing and logged in to his online bet account to show the Loss so far.


Bystanders said

"his Village people are using his career to play chess"

other criminal apprentices loot money to  secretely buy lands  , build houses, start a business etc. But you  stole and threw it away. Ibu erie .. they continued...

His master has continued with his normal daily business,while the culprit awaits proper decision on his punishment.

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