Bulk SMS websites that offer 50 free message units

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If you are reading this blog post, it means you have possibly searched for Free Bulk SMS providers in Nigeria, but couldn't find any website that offers free services. Well don't feel like they are stingy or anything of the sort, they are running a business, you do realise that they purchase or pay some legal charges for the units they sell to you right. Its not coming from an infinite source. So its important that you have a budget to patronise their business.and elevate yours.

Bulk SMS is a service designed to send messages to a large amount of recipients at the same time from the internet. It is an effective digital marketting approach and can be used by

  • A website for promotional purposes.
  • A community, to diseminate information instantly.
  • Security systems - to verify otp  

and many more.

Bulk SMS has 4 main importance

  • Instant messaging to multiple recipients - At the click of a button, huge number of specifically targeted clients can be reached. This need not be restricted by national boundaries, hence harnessing a global market.
  • Cost Effective – SMS are a cheaper means of communication compared to the advertizing methods used in the past. Sending out bulk SMS s to a large audience is unbelievably inexpensive.

  • Efficient – People are more likely to read the SMS they received carefully in their leisure time, thus bringing long lasting brand awareness in them.  
  • Builds Better Rapport – Receiving personalized SMS, the receiver is made to believe being singled out. Psychologically this leads him to feel warmer towards the goods or service that is being advertized, thus laying the corner stone for a closer bonding between the prospective consumer and the manufacturer.

I have compiled this article for users who have just a short list to diseminate information to and thus, does not need to pay to purchase unit. But if your list eventually increases, do well to choose a company from the list below and run your marketting campaign.

Bulk SMS services that offer 50 free Message Units







Other Offers

  • Wesmsyou.com.ng - This website offer sequential free units to consecutive users.
  • PadiSoft.org -  They offer free 10 sms units after registration.
  • Ufs.pw - This website claims to send free sms without acquiring units
  • Ebulksms.com - They offer 1 free unit on sign up. They also have an affiliate program where users can earn more units by inviting friends to use ebulksms. Their normal rate is 1 unit /sms

Cheapest Offers

  • PadiSoft.org - They offer bulk sms rates at N1.3 per unit and 1.8 units per sms page totalling NGN2.34 per sms sent.
  • 50kobo.com - They offer bulk sms rates at N2 per unit and 1.3 units per sms page totalling NGN2.6 per sms sent.
  • sms.allnetts.com - They offer bulk sms rates at N1.8 per unit and 1.5 units per sms page totalling NGN2.7 per sms sent.
  • 80kobosms.com - They offer bulk sms rates at N2 per unit and 1.4 units per sms page totalling NGN2.8 per sms sent.

These rates are for the least amount of units purchased estimated at (100 to 500 units) The more units you purchase, the cheaper your total expense. Upto 90 kobo per unit when purchasing over 100,000 units.

Rules to follow

  • Dont create spam messages.
  • Dont try to scam the public by sending out fake offers to an acquired list
  • Dont create multiple accounts on any of these websites

All you need now is your Phone number list for your business marketting.

Create an account and follow the steps they provide to start sending your messages.

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