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Its Shopping time..

I present to you; list of  active  Buying / Selling / Shopping WhatsApp groups this year. We have provided WhatsApp groups to join for free that contains non stop posting of products from users.

Before You Join WhatsApp Group

  1. Many join new WhatsApp groups using invite links sole to spam. You should be aware that WhatsApp groups are managed by group admins. So, if your aim is to spam, you may be removed from the group and have no way of joining ever again without been reinvited by an admin.
  2. Most of the WhatsApp group here are created by third party and we cannot guarantee you of their aim and  objective. So do not submit personal information over unverified WhatsApp group as we will not be responsible for any activities on the groups.


WhatsApp Group Rules

  1. Do not post spammy contents to whatsapp groups.
  2. Do not try to scam anyone on the group
  3. Do not ask or send money or valuables  to any member of the group
  4. Do not change whatsapp group icon.
  5. Do not change whatsapp group title / description
  6. Do not use harmful /  abusive words on the whatsapp groups.
  7. Only post related content on the whatsapp group.


Click a link to join the group 


If you want to buy or sell items easily, VISIT  


Are you an admin of a WhatsApp group? Do you need more members?

If you have created a whatsapp group, some chatting groups, business or educational groups, and you want people to join, Don’t worry if you want people to  join we  are going to help you with that. All you have to do is comment  your WhatsApp invite link below at the end of this article and we will add it to our list of WhatsApp groups.

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