How to get Admission for any course in Ghana Universities without JAMB or Post Utme

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As we all know, gaining admissions in Nigerian Universities are not as easy as expected.

You have to go through the process of Crediting 5 courses in WAEC, Passing JAMB with over 250 for some courses, then getting over the cut-off mark in the Post-UTME examinations.

Even with all these criterias cleared, there has still been some complains that students are not admitted for their desired course.

Some youths have Sat over 4 times for JAMB and Post Utme and still not get admitted for their desired course of study or not getting admitted at all.


It is only wise that all available options are reviewed rather than repeating the same practices over again.

Ghana Universities offer admissions to Freshmen (both foreign and Local students) seeking studies for any course in mind.



  • WAEC Certificate with over 5 credits (inc. English and Maths)

  • International Passport

  • Registration and Tuition Fee

Thats it. Seriously, you could be an undergraduate as soon as you can obtain these items. 



There are 2 admissions annually.

The January Batch

The September Batch

You can travel to Ghana on the first week of these months to get admitted and resume lectures.

Admission portal stays open for about 5weeks. This is liable to change, so just go early.


Tuition Fee 

Okay, sit back , relax, its about to go down.

Studying in Federal Universities in Ghana is quite expensive.

University of Ghana Legon pays over $6,000 annually, and upto $10,000 for Medical courses.

So its adviceable to study in Private Universities as they pay way cheaper tuition fees similar to Nigerian Private Universities.


Top Private Universities in Ghana include

  • Accra Institute of Technology - $1,300

  • All Nations University - $1,900

  • Kings University College  - $2,000

  • Methodist University College -  $1,300

  • Zenith University College - $800 ,etc.

These are only a few in Accra Region, there are hundreds of them.

They are all affliated to their Federal Universities, which means your certificate will still be from a Federal Ghana university.


The Tuition Fees are stated in Dollars. These are just an estimate for their cheapest courses. The Tuition fees might increase for other professional courses.

Here is a tip for saving more cash.

Dont pay in Dollars, when you get to ghana, you will find out that they also accept payments in their own cedis. 

So convert the fees straight to Cedis using the Exchange Rate that they give you.

Example:  At the time of publishing this post

$1,300  = ₦450,000

But if they give you a rate probably $1 =Ghc 3

$1,300 = Ghc 3,900

Now convert Ghc3,900 to Naira using rate ₦100 = Ghc 12

Ghc3,900 = ₦325,000


These rates are tantamount to change at any time, so update yourself with the current rates before making any transaction.


Search for each University for more information about them


Settling Down

This is an important part of your migration. If you dont want to stay in the school hostels, then you have to pay for a house for a year or 2.

Getting accomodation by yourself is not very easy, so you have to pay registered estate agents to take you around the city and show you places you might like. On completion you have to pay the agents nothing more than 10% of any amount you pay as the rent.



Most Churches available in Nigeria are also in Ghana.

Both Catholic and Pentecostals.

Muslims also have thier Mosques and there are communities dominated by muslims in Ghana eg, Nima Accra.  



  • Its no more a secret that Ghana power supply is uninterrupted, so students enjoy 24 hours electricity.

  • Students also gain experience from other cultures

  • You get to graduate faster than in Nigeria, as there are no strikes, and some schools offer summer semesters, so you will do 3 semesters in a year( pay fees trice annually too) and finish your 8 semesters in 2 years 8 months. The summer program is not compulsory, its only for students who want to graduate in a haste.

  • No Cultism.



  • Life in Ghana is quite expensive, without prior planning, you might run out of cash.

  • Water issues- Not every area has steady water supply, while other areas get water like 4 times a week.

  • There is a bit of discrimination. It exists everywhere right, its part of what you have to face in life.


NYSC - National Youth Service Corps

After your years of study, you will come back to Nigeria to register for NYSC program as an International graduate.

Cool Right? International !

You will participate in all activities with other Local graduates without restrictions.


Thats it, If you have been searching for information about Ghana Universities , you just got a load of it.

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