Important tips to get your Google Adsense account approved

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Adsense is an advertising system created by google to help publishers monetize their traffic.
It has become very popular over the years and its the main source most online earners use to grow their wealth.
If you want to earn income legitimately online on your website, adsense is your top option.

In 2019, adsense applications now get approved really fast.if your website meets the requirements.


I am publishing this article from Nigeria and many people complain about not getting their adsense account approved. This happens when their websites do not meet the publishers requirement or if their website violates some adsense policies.
Based on recent research, it was estimated that less than 20% of adsense applications get approved.

Here are some reasons why your website wont get approved on adsense.

  • Copied / Scaped Content 
  • URL is blocked by Google
  • Too many adverts on your page.
  • Few published Content.
  • Content has little value
  • Rough Webpages / Bad UI design
  • Prohibited Contents are available on pages.

Copied / Scaped Content 
Content Scraping is the process of copying articles/posts from other blogs, then repost it on your website word for word.
It is a top policy violation by adsense and violations are taken seriously.
It is very important that your contents are originally created by you.

Delete all copied contents on your website then applying for adsense. And if you get approved, dont continue posting copied items, your account will be suspended if detected.

URL is blocked by Google services
If your domain name has been blocked on one of Google services for various malicious reasons(spam/threat/phish/worm/fraud etc) , you application might not get approved.
This may happen if the domain was blocked when a previous user owned it. Or by you unintentionally.

Send a feedback to google / or contact them with any means possible. State your issue and request that your domain be reviewed and unblocked.

Too many adverts on your page.
Pages with too many adverts / Classifieds websites, barely get activated.

Remove irrelevant adverts on your pages. If you have your Affiliate marketting ads(Amazon, Jumia etc) place 1 or 2 per page. Make sure there are no more than 3 ads on your pages before applying for adsense.

Few published Content.
This means that there are no much posts/pages on your website. Maybe you have only 2 pages on your website apart from your custom pages (home, about us, contact us etc). Adsense may not approve your request if you are in this category.

Is your website new? There is no need to rush to adsense. First create relevant contents and pages then apply for adsense.
It is important that your website has multiple contents about your niche.

Content has little value 
Creating contents/pages is not all to it. These pages must provide value to your readers. Your pages should be created constructively and with good vocabularies. Pages should not be occupied with images.
Your site must be live and contain enough textual content for Google specialists to evaluate it. 

Make sure all your your contents have over 300 words. 
Review your content and ensure that it makes sense to readers. 
Dont misspell words or use too many acronyms.
Pages like "how to ..." are example of contents that add value. Create posts that solve problems.

Rough Webpages / Bad UI design
 Webpages with bad stylings or ugly themes are bad. It may look like the website has not been developed completely.
 If your site is under construction, doesn’t load, or is difficult to navigate, Google won’t be able to activate your account.

 Make sure your website is completely built before applying. Demo versions / Coming Soon versions will not be approved.
 If you are using a CMS(wordpress,joomla,blogger), Install beautiful templates for your website. Or buy a template that best matches your need.
 If you code from scratch. Learn Front-end development and best practices using Bootstrap & CSS. Ensure that you redesign your pages to more standard.
 Make sure your website is accessible and loads fast while your adsense application is pending.
Prohibited Contents are available on pages.
Certain contents are prohibited for websites that want to run adsense adverts on their websites.

They include:

Adult content
Adult themes in family content
Dangerous or derogatory content 
Recreational drugs and drug-related content
Alcohol-related content
Tobacco-related content
Gambling and games-related content
Healthcare-related content
Hacking and cracking content
Pages that offer compensation programs
Misrepresentative content
Shocking content
Weapon-related content
Content that enables dishonest behavior
Illegal content


If you have these type of prohibited contents on your pages, Make sure you remove them, then re-apply for adsense.

Tips to get your adsense account activated

Your website/blog does not need to be 6 months old before applying for adsense. You also dont need alot of traffic before applying for adsense. I got mine activated in less than a week, 10 quality published articles,and about 70 total unique website visits. Impressive right?

It is always better to get approved on your first adsense application. So sit back, relax and read this article carefully and follow every single point i butress to get the " Your account is activated " message.

  • Create a beautiful and easy to navigate website

Your website theme should be vivid. Links to other pages on your website should be visible to all users for easy accessibility.

  • Avoid Fake/Bot Traffic - Receive Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the total unique number of persons that visit your webpages. If google detects that your website traffic is generated from bots(robots, not real people), your application wont be approved, your website may be flagged as well.

  • Create the following pages - Contact Us, Privacy Policy

These pages are very important. Create this pages alongside other pages.

Based on research, Websites without these pages barely get accepted.

  • Publish Quality Content - Dont flood your pages with images

Publishing contents are necessary, but make sure your contents are meaningful and adds value to your users. Quality content does not mean a post that has 1000+ words and make no sense. Or a copied post with 1000+ words. No, pick a topic, do your research and compile facts and enlighten your readers.

Images are important on pages becuase they create a visual interpretation of the content.

But It is also important that there are not more images than text on your pages. Its bad editorial practise. Only place images on your pages when its necessary.

  • Reduce ads on your pages.

If you have other ad delivery systems ( ,Propeller, Chitika etc) or sponsored adverts, on your webpages, reduce them before you apply for adsense.

  • Make sure your pages are responsive

Responsie pages are mobile friend;y pages. These pagees adapt to any screen sive its loaded on. Both Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Ensure that your pages are 100% resizeable to fit any screen.

Other Tips (Not Mandatory)

  • Submit your sitemap to webmasters for indexing ( Google Search Console ) 
  • Improve your webpages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you follow this steps carefully before you apply for adsense on your new website, you should get activated.

Grow your traffic to earn more income.

Happy Earnings!

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